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Spine Stretcher Device
Spine Stretcher Device
Spine Stretcher Device
Spine Stretcher Device
Spine Stretcher Device
Spine Stretcher Device

Spine Stretcher Device

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4 Great Reasons to Buy from us


SPINE STRETCHER DEVICE is what you need for instant pain relief.

The Only TRUE Relaxation Device! Made by professionals, used by physical care practitioners around the world!

➔ Significant effect on Vertebral column
➔ Increase range of motion & flexibility
➔ Relieve from Sciatica Nerve Pain
➔ Effective on Intervertebral disc
➔ Lumbar Arthritis & Hip pain
➔ Relax your shoulder muscles
➔ Correct Postural imbalance
➔ Doctors Recommended

 RELIEVE PAIN EFFECTIVELY: Our Spine Stretcher Device has 88 plastic needles that relieve back pressure/pain by stimulating specific acupuncture points on the back.

Combat Dreadful Back Pain and Poor Posture With Just 10 Minutes A Day!

✔ Relieve from Chronic Back Pain
✔ Suitable for laying & sitting
✔ Have your own Physiotherapist at home
✔ Use it every day only for 10 Minutes to treat your muscle stiffness, fatigue and weakness

Correct your Posture Before it's Too Late !

✔ IMPROVES POSTURE: Our daily activities, sitting all day, extended computer usage, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances. Spine Stretcher Device let the spinal return to the natural lines, improves posture, help stabilize the spinal column and improve flexibility in back & shoulder muscles. Stand Confidently.


TRY IT RISK FREE for 30 DAYS! (no questions asked Money Back Guarantee) 


✔ DOCTORS RECOMMENDED: Spine Stretcher Device is made by professionals, used by physical care practitioners around the world. Sedentary lifestyle, cross-legged, incorrect physical movement or body fatigue may lead to spinal posture imbalance and pain. Spine Stretcher is specially designed to restore the natural curvature of the back & relieve back pressure.

✔ ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This Spine Stretcher is designed to be adjustable in height, with a total of 3 levels, which can be used by most people. You can choose the most suitable and comfortable height to stretch your back and relieve stress. The higher the height you set, the stronger the stretching force you can get.

 ✔ MULTI USEFUL DESIGN: Spine Stretcher Device can be used while you siting on sofa, on chair, laying on bed or while your driving your car.

✔ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL & DURABLE: The Lumbar Support is made of sturdy ABS and environmentally friendly NBR materials. The Spine stretcher device can bear up to 330LB, and the foam strip in the middle of the device can provide cushioning, so that you can use it more comfortably.



1. Set the base and arch on a flat surface.

2. Get on your knees and press with your knees on the broader end of the base and apply gentle force to bend the arch. 

3. Now adjust the Stretcher to your comfortable level. We recommend starting with a minimal setting if you are using it first time.

4. Slowly lay down on the support arc while supporting yourself with elbows.

5. Relax and breathe deeply for 5 to 10 minutes a session. Slowly roll over after you finish your stretch. Use it 1-2 times a day. 


Material:                    ABS Plastic + rubber
Pedestal length:        385mm / 15.16in
Acceptable weight:   250000g / 551.16lb

Package Includes:
1 x Pedestal
1 x Arched board
1 x Waist Support Belt


We truly believe that we have Top-Notch Quality product in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free 30 Days No questions asked Money Back Guarantee
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